Online casinos have come a long way

Online casinos have come a long way in the past decade or so. During the early stages, there were some online casinos that were set up by dubious entrepreneurs that used to cheat. They had faulty routines that did not pay back the amount that they should have. They were the so-called cheats.


Nowadays professional gambling houses run most of the free online casinos and they play fair and square. They know that if they cheat, they will end up being the losers. Most of them have scripts that pay back a certain amount of prizes of the money that is input. It is well known to these online casinos that they cannot last for long if they cheat.

Firepay No Longer Open

Firepay once used to purchase at online casinos is no longer open for business. If your searching for firepay casinos, you might as well give up the search now. There is many other options available to you and the best way to find out how to purchase at online casinos is by joining a casino, log in and go to the banking section.

Within there you will see many options and try them all, one may work for you even if you have not been successful at other preferred choice online casinos. If you have problems the friendly customer service will help you find a way.

Firepay Online Casinos

Many online casinos no longer have firepay as a option for purchasing casino credits. Firepay no longer allows players from Canada and the US, which they have lost a good share of there customer base. Firepay was a excellent way to purchase at online casinos with direct debits from bank members bank accounts.

We do suggest other methods for purchase at online casinos, such as your personal debit card which has a 80% approval or other webwallets which can be located within the online casinos banking section within the casino lobby.